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        型號 訂貨號
        公司簡介   海燕首頁 > 關于我們 > 公司簡介






        China Haiyan Terminal Blocks Co., Ltd is located at China Electric Appliance Capital-- Liushi Wenzhou. It was established in 1990. The company is a professional manufacturer of insulation piercing connector, terminal blocks, connection terminal, wiring accessaries and so on.The company comprises over 200 employees, over 20 series and 1000 categories products. Company has passed ISO9001:2000 quality system authentication. Products have obtained CCC, CE,CQCand CB certificates. And all of our products are strictly according to IEC standard and guaranteed by PICC. We also won honor as “Zhejiang Popular Brand Name”, “National Best Customer Satisfaction”, and “Provincial hi-tech enterprise”.

        On the basis of new technology and talents, Haiyan strives for products of high quality and advanced performance to meet the market demands. Haiyan products are recommended by Electric Power Industry Bureau. Now they have been widely sold throughout the whole country and exported to overseas markets such as America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Middle East. Haiyan always insists on the tenet of “safety, stability, and pioneering”.

        Market is Haiyan’s initial points. Customer is our support point. Customer satisfaction is our final aim. We step with the times to develop ourselves. Only depending on deep understanding the market and continuous innovation, can our company remain forefront of the times and take the leading place in the industry for ever.

        To appreciate customer's long-time support and cooperation, also to develop new business realm, Haiyan sincerely welcome domestic and overseas customers and personage from each circle to cooperate for mutual brilliance

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